Estudiar en grupo?

Is Individual or Group Study more effective? 
estudiar ingles

estudiar ingles

 Is it better to study on your own?  Or in a group?

Of course, the answer is that it depends on a number of different factors.

Do you have colleagues or friends who are at a similar level?




The group needs to have more-or-less the same level of ability.  A good teacher can manage certain differences in ability and keep all the students interested and achieving at the same time, but it is difficult to manage a group that contains both advanced and basic level students, for example.

Can you agree a schedule with the other members of the group?

This is key!  If you cannot agree a time and place to meet up with the rest of the group, then studying together can be very difficult!

Group study does have certain advantages:  you are able to interact with other students and learn from each other as well from the teacher.  Some students react well to an increased level of interaction; group classes can be more dynamic and fun.  However, sometimes taking individual classes can enable the teacher to focus on your specific needs more easily.  Furthermore, if you have very individual requirments, such as a the need to prepare a presentation on telecommunications regulation in the United States, then it is probably best to work on a one-to-one basis!

Ultimately, the decision as to whether to study individually or in a group is a very personal decision, and there is no right answer.  In fact, some of our students take both individual and group classes in order to reach their objectives.

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